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Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder $20.00
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Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder

Tobacco use exerts a heavy toll on the health of persons with behavioral health disorders. For decades, healthcare professionals, especially those working in the field of behavioral health, tolerated the use of tobacco among the behavioral health population. Some behavioral health professionals used tobacco as rewards during therapy, while others were fearful that addressing tobacco use might worsen the underlying behavioral health condition. Many professionals also thought that tobacco users with behavioral health conditions were unable or unwilling to quit. That situation is now changing as behavioral health professionals learn more about the impact of tobacco use, particularly involving people with behavioral health disorders. This course provides comprehensive information about tobacco use in the behavioral health population, with special emphasis on smoking behaviors and how to use a number of tobacco cessation interventions. The use of electronic cigarettes and other forms of tobacco will also be discussed. You will learn the epidemiology of tobacco use, the myriad of effects on a person’s health, and the increased morbidity and mortality of tobacco use in people with behavioral health conditions. This course will help you understand the unique issues associated with tobacco use in the behavioral health community and the impact of tobacco smoke on metabolizing medications and other drugs such as caffeine. We will also address population-based initiatives including increased taxation and smoke-free policies. DSM™ and DSM-5™ are registered trademarks of the American Psychiatric Association. The American Psychiatric Association is not affiliated with nor endorses this course.
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Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder
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